Wind Mitigation Inspection

The Wind Mitigation Inspection verifies construction methods that create wind mitigation discounts based on those methods, providing greater protection from wind hurricane damage.

Features to consider:
Building Code                                        What year was the home built?
Age of Roof Covering                            What year was the last roof covering update?
Roof Deck Attachment                          How is the plywood attached to the rafters?
Roof to Wall Attachment                       How are the rafters attached to the exterior walls?
Roof Geometry                                     What is the shape of your roof?  Hip or non-hip?
Secondary Water Resistance               Do you have an upgraded underlayment?
Exterior Opening Protection                 Do you have impact windows or shutters?

 The inspection usually takes less than an hour and the savings are usually in the form of a check direct from your insurance company within 3-6 weeks.